How to see the online conference demonstration.
Please read the following brief instructions fully before starting
  • First, Load the Dataconferencing Compontent in your Web Browser

  • Open the IMEDIAT Data Conferencing Auditorium  entry screen.

  • If your browser is not maximised to take up all of the screen you should do this now to get the best view.
    The format is optimised for viewing in 1024 X 768 screen resolution. Please contact us via the details below if you require assistance in checking or changing your screen's resolution.

  • On the entry screen (Click here to see an example Entry Screen)
    enter your name (Red "1" in example) then call us on
    +61 (0)8 8415 5115 to obtain the Meeting ID code. Then press the button marked 'Enter'(Red "2" in example)

  • When the details screen loads (Click here to see an example Details Screen) Fill in your Company Name and E-mail Address (Red "1" and "2" in example) then Press Submit (Red "3" in example).

    After a short while you should have the conference center up in front of you. The presentation runs for five minutes automatically and will likely be in progress when you join. Please ensure that you shut the presentation down after you have completed viewing the slides.

  • Technical queries regarding the dataconference can be directed to us on +61 (0)8 8415 5115 or