What exactly is web conferencing?
Web or data conferencing allows you to deliver visually rich, interactive presentations over the Internet. These dynamic presentations can include Powerpoint slides, web pages, documents, pictures, graphs, charts, whiteboards, and even live software demonstrations. Combined with an audio conference call, you experience a 'real' meeting without travelling.

What are the benefits of web conferencing?
Web conferencing solutions are available to anyone with a computer and an Internet connection. IMEDIAT customises a solution to fit your needs. The most obvious benefit from the use of web conferencing is a decrease in travel expenses. Solutions can promote effective communication between colleagues in separate offices and can offer a way to communicate with large audiences for relatively low cost. With quicker, less-expensive channels of communication, businesses find one of the major benefits of web conferencing to be increased productivity.

How many people can be connected at one time?
From 2 to 2,500 people, each receiving the information simultaneously on their desktops.

What is collaboration?
This format offers real-time viewing and/or sharing of documents and files through the Internet. No special software is required for any number of users. Collaboration answers the need for teams in remote locations to be able to work together simultaneously.

Do I need more than a phone line and web browser to participate in a dataconference?
No, that is all you need to connect. The browser must be Java-enabled.

How do I know that my browser and firewall are compatible with the service?
IMEDIAT will assist you in achieving the correct configuration if you need to make changes, please contact us.

How do I know where to find a particular conference if there is more than one on the same day and time?
IMEDIAT, the meeting organiser and co-ordinator will send you the steps with the specific URL to link you to the correct meeting beforehand via email.

Will I have the connection on the phone set up correctly with no hiccups?
Many web conferences provide audio by using a third-party conference call that may require you to have an additional voice phone line if you are using a dial-up Internet connection. You can connect to the audio portion by dialing the conference call telephone number as soon as your browser connects to the web conference. IMEDIAT will provide you with this number in advance.

How do I get a copy of the meeting or conference?
IMEDIAT records all events and you can contact us directly with a specific request.

What are the minimum hardware, software and telephone requirements to participate in a dataconference?

  • Your browser: Netscape Navigator 4.06 - 4.7 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.2 or higher. Ensure the Java console is enabled (tick box in your Tools/Internet options/Advanced tab).
  • Your computer: 166Mhz Pentium-based PC with Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, XP or 2000; 64 MB RAM
  • Display: 800x600 pixel resolution or greater (1024x768 pixels recommended)
  • Software: Microsoft PowerPoint 97 - PowerPoint 2002; Windows Media Player 6.4 and above, RealPlayer G2 or higher (for viewing recordings or archive presentations.)

What internet speed is required for the application?
The minimum connection speed if you are using a modem is 28.8K (56K or faster is recommended). The application consumes very little network bandwidth and works over high- and low-bandwidth network connections. As the presentation proceeds, each slide is downloaded to you on demand. The amount of data downloaded to each person for a web slide is determined by the actual size of the web page. IMEDIAT will ensure that the type of event and the slides of the presentations will be matched for the participants' desktop viewing.

What is an IMEDIAT online, integrated and managed event?
We provide the seamless integration of a number of platforms phone, video and/or web conferencing into one event, which is consolidated for optimal viewing. We take the best of a number of different providers and integrate this into a customised solution!

What do I type in the "Telephone number to Dial" prompt?
IMEDIAT will supply you with the conference call number in advance. Use this number and then listen to the prompts you will need the "Pin" number to join the conference call.

Can I use any other slides besides PowerPoint?
Yes, you can use the following:

  • White Board - blank image slides on which you, as the presenter, can add annotations, comments or flow charts. These can be created ahead of time by inserting a blank PowerPoint slide, or during the presentation (using the White Board/Draw Create New Slide button).
  • Editable Text - these slides lets presenters add or edit text during a presentation and audience members can copy and paste information directly from them. They can be created ahead of time or during a presentation (using the Text Create New Slide button).
  • Polling - these slides allow the audience to vote during the presentation. After the audience votes, you can immediately display the results of the poll. You can create Polling slides ahead of time or create them during your presentation (using the Poll Create New Slide button).
  • Web these slides show active web pages - for example, with links to documents that provide more information. You can create web slides ahead of time or create them during your presentation (using the Web Create New Slide button). To provide a guided tour of a website where the links are inactive for each user, the presenter should use a LiveDemo of a separate browser window.
  • Snapshot - these slides show a screen capture from your computer. You create SnapShot slides during your presentation using the Snap Create New Slide button. LiveDemo - these slides show a continual view of everything that appears on your computer to the audience, providing a great way to demonstrate a new product or lead your audience on a web tour.

Is it possible to use toll free phone conferences?
Yes, IMEDIAT can organise any phone connection at the best rate for your event. Contact us to organise this benefit.

Is video conferencing the same as data (web) conferencing?
No, these are 2 different technologies. Video conferencing is based on ISDN phone lines requiring high levels of bandwidth. Some video conference applications are trying to become available on the web but due to lack of bandwidth and standardised desktops, even within organisations, it is difficult to set this up. Also, video conferencing requires expensive equipment and is therefore capital intensive.

Are there restrictions with using streamed data conferencing?
Yes, streamed delivery - for example in webcasts, are often poor in quality (both in video and/or audio) due to low bandwidth reception. It can also cause delay and congestion. Streaming media is limited in the amount of live collaboration and interaction it offers and there may be firewall issues to overcome. Often you need to install more software, therefore it takes longer to set up and this requires more lead time.

Why use integrated data conferencing with IMEDIAT?
We provide the solutions to your online communication needs using integrated data conferencing for the following reasons:

  • Efficient operation even with 22.8k modems.
  • Firewall friendly - virtually no corporate firewall restrictions.
  • Reliability of transmission in using phone for audio.
  • Simplicity ease of use for both presenters and audience alike and little lead time needed to mount and load presentations.
  • High levels of interactivity without loss of performance.
  • Value - low comparative cost per audience member.
  • Streaming can be integrated as the tool is fully flexible.
  • Professional support at all times.