IMEDIAT uses enterprise-level solutions and platforms, enabling businesses to connect globally and conduct meetings using only a web browser and a telephone. The rich visual components of a presentation (e.g. Powerpoint slides) are included on screen, synchronised with the audio element via your telephone line.
The key is delivering simple, effective, secure and reliable online meetings, events and training, without the cost of travel.

This makes it possible to follow a 'remote presentation', right from your own desktops, while a speaker is addressing by voice. Instead of looking at each other, or getting sidetracked by distractions around them, everyone is focused on the material being presented, on the shared screen. The systems we use incorporate a wide range of on-screen tools that encourage participation and response way beyond traditional "question and answer" sessions. In most cases, delivering online participants a much more involving and thus memorable meeting experience.
The speaker can also choose to deviate from a presentation and respond directly to participants (thereby encouraging participation and involvement) or respond to questions posed at the end of the session.
Webconferencing therefore offers a productive, less costly, more focused and often, more interactive experience than the face-to-face meeting.
A record of the comments and responses, along with the presentation itself, can be distributed shortly after the meeting.
IMEDIAT offers a full multi-media package, which includes the creation of CDs and any other material from the actual presentation.

Application sharing
Most webconferencing services also offer a technology known as 'application sharing' or 'application showing'. This technology has achieved great popularity with the software community because it allows people to demonstrate new desktop applications remotely, to support software users in real time. It is also the same technology we use to facilitate result-oriented meetings.

IMEDIAT can enhance the effectiveness of the meeting by acting as the facilitator, remotely moderating and facilitating the whole process. We can help people keep their dialogue focused, separate agendas, prioritise, and focus on the task at hand. At the same time, IMEDIAT acting as the online event moderator, assures that individual contributions are noted, displayed, organised, formatted and developed into a cohesive whole.

By ensuring the integration of best and most effective platforms, IMEDIAT provides the

  • simplicity
  • compatibility
  • versatility
  • reliability
  • scalability (1:1 to 2,500 participants)

for your unique, online business communication needs.

Look no further - you have come to the right place for all your web conferencing solutions.