Integrated data & audio conferencing (web conferencing)
IMEDIAT offers you peace of mind with the most effective and efficient solutions for online distribution of information to remote audiences - combining the use of phone and web technologies. IMEDIAT integrates existing infrastructures and facilitates the online communication flows for companies in any industry. This entails the use of simple, reliable (almost 100% uptime) webconferencing and remote collaboration tools that can be customised to your needs. These tools can be used for the following:

  • Analyst briefings
  • Annual general meetings
  • Investor relations management
  • Internal announcements
  • Press announcements
  • Internal and external training and seminars
  • Weekly or monthly staff meetings
  • Virtual tradeshows
  • Product launches
  • Sales and marketing conferences
  • Small team meetings or brainstorming sessions
  • Multi-site collaboration.

Event hosting & management top
IMEDIAT can manage, facilitate, produce and synchronise your specific online event from beginning to end. This can include co-ordination of bookings, invitations, registrations, and the construction of a web page which we host, enabling your participants to have direct accessibility to the particular online event. We provide technical support to ensure that all components of the event run smoothly on each individual participant's desktop.

Real time collaboration top
Ideal for bringing smaller groups together, e.g. analysts' meetings or press announcements. However this can also work equally well with larger groups of people in various countries and/or continents. We facilitate the live event and advise on the use of embedded interactive tools, thus maximising the benefit for all participants.

Interactive tools include the following:

  • Multi-level online chat facilities
  • Audio and/or integrated Q&A facilities
  • Snapshots (of any application)
  • Whiteboarding
  • Polling
  • Live demos
  • Screen sharing.
For larger events, we facilitate the entire process and can assist in training and managing the moderators and presenters, if required.

On-demand streaming top
IMEDIAT can record and archive any event or embedded presentation, and edit and reformat the content where necessary for streaming purposes. This can also involve setting up of security issues and tracking devices.

Live webcasts top
IMEDIAT can book all the necessary elements involved in hosting/running a live webcast and ensure smooth running of each individual aspect. This involves co-ordinating infrastructures (e.g. bandwidth, coding rates, common denominators and location dependencies) and critical success factors.

Advanced computer-based training solutions top
IMEDIAT can offer your organisation full training whenever and wherever needed, from converting and incorporating online training documents and manuals, to providing turn-key solutions.

Professional consulting top
With the many types of applications on the market today, IMEDIAT can help you channel your energies into the most applicable product for your target market.
Whether it be streaming video, web conferencing or teleconferences, we give you an advantage by deploying the most appropriate tools saving you time and money. Our professional consulting comes with years of research and experience in this field.
Our services are not limited to the internet. We assist with and integrate web and e-mail with phone contact, personal contact, fax and standard mail.

Complementary services

Offering you fully-integrated and tailored solutions means that we provide the following value-added services :

  • Innovative Services: Script-writing, specialist design, set-up and integration of any type of online event (e.g. analyst briefings or AGMs), as well as the creation of voting, polling and survey tools for feedback are available to you.
  • Customised Services: IMEDIAT ensures that your unique needs are understood and met by all those involved in bringing your event together. We advise on specific solutions to meet your dynamic needs as our carefully selected products allow flexibility. We also offer full security and confidentiality.
  • Managed Services: IMEDIAT 'nurses' the event from beginning to end. We moderate, manage and troubleshoot the process thereby minimising your responsibility.
  • Application Support Services: IMEDIAT provides training and support for every product we implement.
  • Implementation Services: IMEDIAT can organise the integration and implementation of all aspects of an event in an organised and efficient way.
  • Hosting and Archiving Services: IMEDIAT can host your meeting, conference or presentation - in fact, any event you would like recorded- and archive it for on-demand retrieval.
  • Technical Services: IMEDIAT not only provides all necessary technical assistance, but produces a full multi-media package, including the creation of CDs and any other material from the event.