From thousand-participant sales seminars to three-person collaborative meetings, IMEDIAT has the services, alliances and solutions to help companies communicate better.
Assisting in setting up self service to fully-managed, integrated meetings and producing and directing events, involving both physical and virtual audiences, is what we do best. This involves giving fully integrated advice and solutions for a company's collaborative needs, and ensuring the specific event takes place in a cost-efficient and technologically-effective manner. We help companies bring their stakeholders together using simple-to-use platforms guaranteed to deliver results.

This improves sales and marketing since you are able to reach more potential customers and shareholders and can distribute information about your company, products and services at a lower cost and on a broader scale (without the hassle and cost of travel).

IMEDIAT offers businesses a wider range of choice with complete scalability and flexibility to meet your unique needs. Our strategic alliances complement our service offerings and, consequently, we can combine the knowledge and the expertise to integrate our technology with your dynamic infrastructure.

IMEDIAT's integrated webconferencing and remote collaboration solutions can be applied to:

  • Weekly or monthly staff meetings
  • Analyst briefings
  • Annual general meetings
  • Internal announcements
  • Press announcements
  • Internal and external training and seminars
  • Investor relations management
  • Virtual tradeshows
  • Product launches
  • Sales and marketing conferences
  • Small team meetings or brainstorming sessions
  • Multi-site collaboration.

Our services are not limited to the internet. We assist with and integrate web and e-mail with phone contact, personal contact, fax and standard mail.