Using enterprise-level solutions and platforms, IMEDIAT can assist with online events wherever the participants are physically located - be it another city, country or continent. With the merging of global players, we ensure delivery of vital information in real time to remote audiences.

If your business or organisation requires a platform to get your geographically dispersed staff and/or clients together anywhere in the world, we can help.
With the advent of audio, data, and web conferencing, IMEDIAT's role is clear: to source, integrate and facilitate the communication flows for each business thereby satisfying your need to reaching more people in the most cost-effective and time-saving way.

It also doesn't matter whether the participants are on an internal network or on the web, they can join a meeting with only a few clicks from a supplied URL (using any browser) and a phone line for audio.
These powerful interactive online meetings are sure to increase productivity - can you afford not to be a player?

Can't be there live?
IMEDIAT has a number of solutions for providing recorded (on demand) content. Therefore your message (or content) is delivered anywhere, anytime - at a time convenient to the participant.

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