Corporate Profile
IMEDIAT Communications, Australia's leading integrated web and on-line event management specialist, pioneered the commercial introduction of integrated web conferencing in Australia in 1999.
IMEDIAT was established in response to a growing need for the geographically-dispersed stakeholders of resource companies to communicate in real-time, in the most efficient, effective and economical way.

The challenge was to provide a solution which harnessed the coverage of the internet but also provided reliability, simplicity and low capital and operating costs.

The solution came in the form of webconferencing, optimising the use of data and audio integration techniques, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

IMEDIAT now provides collaborative services to more resources-based and related companies in Australia than any other organisation. We have a wide range of strategic alliances to complement and enhance our service-offerings and help companies in any industry streamline their online communication techniques.
With our emphasis on finding the path of least resistance in relating to, and communicating with, all stakeholders - be they staff, investors, customers, clients, suppliers, members or service providers - we strive to minimise costs and time constraints in any organisations. Our services can be utilised individually or as a fully-integrated solution…it's your choice.

At the touch of a button!
Harnessing the power of your computer and the internet, you can use the same solutions to meet with thousands or only two people at once.
The internet can be used as a cost-effective and time-saving platform for bringing individuals or groups together in a fast and simple way. IMEDIAT assists you in finding these scalable tools and platforms to meet the changing workflow and volume requirements of your business. Using industry-leading solutions, we supply the 'glue' that holds and manages the communications process together irrespective of how it has been initiated - whether through a web page, e-mail, phone, fax or personal contact.

E-biz and A-biz
At IMEDIAT we realise that "e-biz" is only one small part of the corporate equation. We help businesses integrate their e-biz requirements with the real world of A-biz - the ACTUAL business, all of your business, the businesses that managed to grow and survive even prior to the advent of the internet.

IMEDIAT's head office was established in Adelaide and currently has representation in Sydney and Brisbane (Australia).

Rob Nachum B. Bus (Marketing)
v Founder and CEO of IMEDIAT Communications
v Managing Director of Minalysis Pty Limited
v Associate Consultant to Resource Equity Consultants.

Since June 1999, Rob has focused on the development, construction and launch of IMEDIAT.
This involved significant research into both commercial and technical aspects of:

  • Real time collaboration and webconferencing,
  • Audio and video streaming,
  • Bandwidth availability issues,
  • Statutory and legal requirements of electronic corporate governance,
  • The establishment of international and domestic strategic alliances

In early 1997, Rob established Minalysis, a research, marketing and management consultancy. He has advised numerous clients in the resources industry as well as Salmat, a leader in Australia's high-growth outsource call centre industry.
Prior to establishing Minalysis, Rob spent more than a decade specialising in various aspects of the commercial operations within the international resources and finance sectors. He held senior marketing and management positions within major resource groups and a financial institution and was involved in all aspects of concentrate marketing, joint venture and logistics management and metal and financial risk management.

Contact details:
Phone: +61 (0)8 8379 5544 Fax: +61 (0)8 8379 5488
Postal: 651 Portrush Road
Glen Osmond SA 5064

Bob Hair
Bob has over 17 years' experience as a lawyer, including over 11 years in the resources sector. From 1989 until 1997, he had different roles as an international commercial lawyer and commercial manager and general manager for MIM, in various capacities in Australia and overseas. He left MIM and from May 1997 to September 1998 he was the General Manager Commercial of Highlands Pacific Limited, a Papua New Guinean based minerals exploration and mining company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. This position involved general management and commercial responsibilities, as well as those of the chief financial officer.

Bob currently provides legal/business, risk management and other commercial assistance as a consultant to different companies (including IMEDIAT) within the resources and information technology industries.

Contact details:
Phone: +61 (0)7 5464 3077
Postal: 1 Warren Road
Wanora QLD 4306