IMEDIAT introduced and commercialised webconferencing in Australia and has become a leading provider, offering you a fully-integrated and tailored solution for your company's online communication and collaboration needs.
Becoming the best involved significant research into :
  • commercial and technical aspects of real time collaboration and webconferencing
  • audio and video streaming
  • bandwidth availability issues
  • video streaming
  • statutory and legal requirements of electronic corporate governance
  • establishment of international and domestic strategic alliances.

We offer the most innovative ways to add value to your organisation and:

  • understand and have experience in integrating your infrastructure and existing platforms with the technology and solutions we provide
  • have vast experience in remote collaboration, with a wide range of events having successfully been produced, facilitated, managed and hosted.
  • understand a company's requirements are unique. Our solutions are tailor-made.
  • provide economical services - keeping our overheads to a minimum allows us to offer you value-for-money solutions with no extra charges or hidden costs.
  • have alliances with industry-leading contractors and suppliers.

Our goal is to work with a number of world-leading, enterprise-level platforms (both data and phone conferencing) to deliver the most effective solution at the most efficient cost for the specific application.

For most applications and to best suit a company's online meeting needs, we advise on the use of webconferencing, as opposed to streaming or video conferencing, for the following reasons:

  • Works reliably and is easy to use for both presenters and participants.
  • Having the audio element separate to the data (visual) element (using a browser and the phone line) means if one is lost, the other is still available to receive information.
  • Often not as reliable.
  • Requires more set-up time.
  • More to co-ordinate technically.
  • If the bridge is lost, both the sound and visual elements are also lost.
  • this system provides greater flexibility.
  • provides presenters and participants with real-time (synchronous) interactivity tools.
  • encourages online feedback.
  • Interactivity tools are more complex to integrate and therefore less opportunities for interaction are avaliable.
  • the content is not streamed and is thus "firewall-friendly".
  • Streaming media is not often permitted through corporate firewalls e.g. even if bandwidth is available, the event will not be available at the audiences' desktops.
  • Webcasts often causes problems, like frozen screens which, understandably, lead to frustration.
  • Even with highly sophisticated presentations, our solutions require very low amounts of bandwidth.
  • Streaming is heavily reliant on expensive bandwidth.
  • Average bandwidth provides well below average delivery results. This is particularly evident with what is known as 'buffering' - when streamed audio and video that is supposed to be delivered smoothly to the desktop is jerky and poor quality
  • Webconferences are available right on the desktops of your audience, no matter where around the world.
  • Groups do not have to travel to remote facilities
  • No need to move your expensive equipment.
  • Biggest drawback is organising the attendance of every person at the video conference.
  • Needs physical collaboration.
  • Equipment is expensive to purchase or hire.
  • Whilst quality, professionalism and speed belies the simplicity of our service, you will be amazed at the low cost of the service per audience member reached.
  • Economical access to those stakeholders for whom it is not economical to come to you, or for you to go to them.
  • Fixed costs involved for event set-up and operations.

Webconferencing tools enable, streamline, and enrich the business meeting experience.
It is more than just meeting with people. It's interacting, presenting, and receiving feedback.
You have the ability to respond directly to the live feedback from participants of your webconference.

Our case studies will demonstrate to you how our clients are saving time and money using our integrated solutions.

For more information on how we can help you achieve your online communication goals and strategies, today.